A groovy infographic we created for Online Masters in Public Health (MPH) Degrees!

An infographic by the team at Online Masters In Public Health

Is It Time To Go Back To School ?

The folks over at Graduate Degree Program have put together a great infographic about pursuing a masters degree. It’s pretty insightful check it out.

Courtesy of: Graduate Degree Program

Top Party Schools

Top Party Schools
Source: Best Colleges Online

New Projects

I’m working some new projects: 

Accelerated Nursing Programs & Architecture Colleges


Excited to see these projects grow!!!! grow!!! grow!!! 

Top 5 Online Christian Colleges

Over at Christian Bible Colleges I’ve compiled a groovy document about the Top 5 Online Christian Colleges, check it out.

Should I take a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation ?

I’m thinking of taking a week off and going to Colorado, for a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacations.

Science of Getting Drunk

The Science of Getting Drunk